Backyard Scholars & Leaders Scholarships

The Amelia Ann Adams Scholarship, originally funded by Amelia Adams, seeks to encourage young and mature students entering into or pursuing a career in education, health, social services, or social justice.

As part of the Amelia Ann Adams Scholarship Program, Scholars and Leaders in the San Joaquin County can apply for financial support in reaching their educational and career goals. The Budding Scholars and Flourishing Professionals scholarship applications are open until March 31st, 2023. Links to apply can be found below.

Budding Scholars

The Budding Scholars Award is for those going to college, already in college, or seeking to re-enroll.

Download the Budding Scholars flyer here.

Flourishing Professionals

The Flourishing Professionals scholarship is for current professionals who would like to expand their knowledge to help them continue “flourishing”.

Download the Flourishing Professionals flyer here.

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