Our Story


Amelia Ann Adams was a true example of a servant leader. She had a huge impact on the City of Stockton and the people she touched through her commitment to …

faith, health, social justice, and education.

Christina Peoples, Director at the Amelia Ann Adams Whole Life Center, refers to Amelia Ann Adams as a “farmer”. She sowed many seeds … some on rocky soil, some in fertilized soil and even concrete. She was intentional about the way she cared for the seeds by nurturing, watering and giving them the nutrients they needed to flourish.

Ms. Peoples had the privilege to be one of those seeds she nurtured. Four key takeaways that she learned from Rev. Adams are:

  • You are here for a purpose, walk in it.
  • Use your good anger, to bring about change.
  • True community engagement is in relationships.
  • Sometimes our pain is our purpose.

Today, those seeds continue to grow and produce great fruit. As an organization, the AAAWLC is committed to continuing the work that Amelia Ann Adams started and labored in with love. We thank you for supporting the Amelia Ann Adams Whole Life Center. Let us continue to live to strive to build a resilient community.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We sow seeds in our own backyard: We cultivate change and healing that transforms communities to move families from surviving to thriving.

Our Vision

Building community through relationships based on LOVE, FAITH, and COMPASSION.

Our Approach

Learn about the AAAWLC Team and Board Members here.

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