2022 Bridges Over Awardees

AAAWLC Bridges Over Many Waters | July 16, 2022

The Amelia Ann Adams Whole Life Center (AAAWLC) hosted our Fourth Annual Gala Fundraiser, “Bridges Over Many Waters” on July 16, 2022, virtually. The theme celebrated the legacy and impact that local community and social activist, mentor, friend, and Pastor Amelia Ann Adams had on so many within and beyond San Joaquin County. Thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate our program accomplishments and honor those who act as a bridge in social justice, education, faith, and health. We’ll see you soon at the 2023 Gala on July 15, 2023! Buy your tickets today.

In case you missed it, watch the event recording here.

2022 Bridges Over Awardees

Dr. Anitra Williams

Bridges Over Health

Dr. Anitra Williams, RN is a mother of two and married to her high school sweetheart of 30 years.  She began her nursing career at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in 1999 where she worked as a staff nurse, charge nurse, and then in various leadership roles, until finally assuming the role as Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. 

Through her leadership, Dr. Anitra Williams has implemented and developed numerous and life changing programs with impacts reaching beyond the walls of her organization. She established a framework for a new nurse graduate program, volunteers her time every semester to local nursing schools mentoring nursing students–helping them prepare for behavioral interviews, and she speaks at local high schools sharing her story and encouraging careers in healthcare. Dr. Anitra also identified educational gaps centered around Sepsis and in her own free time, educated over 200 nurses within the skilled nursing community in the Central Valley on the signs and symptoms of Sepsis in an effort to improve patient care outcomes.   Her passion to educate and lead are also apparent in her work and efforts around Human Trafficking and the co-founding and naming of a nursing pathway called The HOPE Program.

One week after implementing a Human Trafficking Response protocol and educating hundreds of staff on the red flags, staff in the emergency department were able to identify a 14 year old being trafficked. Since the implementation of this protocol, numerous victims have been identified at St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Dr. Williams continues the fight and her work through San Joaquin County’s Human Trafficking Task force where she worked to establish similar protocols in other healthcare facilities.  She has also collaborated with nurse leaders from San Joaquin Delta College and assisted with the development of a pathway that would allow healthcare workers, who are often in low income roles to elevate and become registered nurses.  This program she appropriately named HOPE or Helping our People Elevate.  Dr. Williams states that it is very hard for people who must work fulltime and go to school fulltime to achieve perfect grade point averages. So for her, the HOPE Program just made sense. She believes that people of color and/or those who are living in poverty are faced with competing priorities: working to care for their families and pursuing higher learning to elevate their future. Dr. Anitra remains committed to creating opportunities that allow the working class to get ahead through programs such as HOPE. 

To date, 48 individuals have become registered nurses who would have otherwise never been afforded this opportunity. One of her recent HOPE graduates, Brandy Ross, was quoted as saying “Dr. Williams, this program (HOPE) changed my life and the life of my family. Without the HOPE Program, I would have never had the opportunity to become a registered nurse because my grades were not perfect, but this program gave me the opportunity I needed and today I proudly serve as an intensive care unit nurse”!

Folorunso Ashaolu

Bridges Over Faith

Faith, Vision and Leadership.

Folorunso Ashaolu is a very passionate and God-fearing visionary leader who lives a purpose-driven life. He is deeply committed to ensuring those within the Black community are well-resourced and personally, first has transformed mind and family, fully equipped and empowered to better affect their community. He loves to model authentic leadership for youth, family, and society which he believes the youth desire from their elders. He is a person of strong faith foundation—with aggressive pursuit for God and Lord Jesus Christ. He has in over 30-year of volunteering used his spirituality for guiding young people and individuals to self care and support towards a healthy life and family. His greatest passion is to continually personally know more of ‘the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit’ (2 Corinthians 13:14). He would also love to see a transformed and united Church that is composed of individual believers who are Christ-centered in every day-to-day decision-making and action, while in relationship with people and the society—bringing more souls to the kingdom in preparation for our Lord’s return.

Folorunso has successfully worked both in US and overseas for over 25 years as a college Engineering instructor, a career he willingly abandoned for a longtime divine calling to full time community service work. This community service work, he had been doing in a volunteer capacity since 1992, either as youth leader minister and an Associate Pastor in Nigeria where he was raised, before migrating to Stockton, California in 2005, where he continues this faith-based work. His greetings and signature is ‘God bless you’. He continues to work for his community, providing resources and engaging the Stockton Black population around policy push, advocacy and literacy towards equity and empowerment for the Black community. He is 26-year happily married to Bridget, both of whom have responsibly raised four children.

Annette Roberts-Murray, M.Ed.

Bridges Over Education

Annette Roberts-Murray has a Masters of Ed. She also possesses a B.A. in Social Science and a credential in Educational Administration. She is a Elementary School Principal and author of three books, “Pandemonium”, “My Father’s Daughter”, and “Be Encouraged – A 52 Week Devotional” and a Co-Author of one book called “Unshakeable Faith.”

Annette has worked in the field of educations for over 23 years. She has spent her educational career advocating for students, working with parents and community members and working hard to support student learning. Annette has worked hard to support students by providing them with the resources they needed to succeed. 

Annette counts it a privilege to have offered more than 23 years of service as an educational leader, school principal and a student, parent and community advocate. She has worked with many different parent groups. Annette has also facilitated ministry conferences and delivered commencement keynotes speeches. She has launched food and coat drives and she has spearheaded dental clinics at her school sites. Annette considers it a privilege to have been given the opportunity to serve her community.

Annette is a longtime member of Victory in Praise Church in Stockton California. She is a passionate prayer leader, worship team leader and committed member of the church’s vibrant Women’s Ministry.

Annette is a beloved wife and mother of twin boys.

Jasmine Dellafousse

Bridges Over Social Justice

Jasmine Dellafosse is from Stockton California where she began her organizing career in South Stockton. In 2013 she began interning for Council Member Michael Tubbs who was the youngest ever elected official in the city and in the county. In 2014 she was the youngest ever field organizer at the age 19 working for Congress Member Jerry McNerney where she organized over a 100+ volunteers to canvas and phone bank for the off-year election where they won the race with 60% of the vote.  She later became one of the founding members of the Reinvent South Stockton Coalition in early 2014, an organization that aims to empower its residents to transform the community through improving safety, education, housing, job creation, and health.” Through her work with the coalition has helped to bring access to fresh produce in food desert areas in south Stockton and has led projects around park beautification, led a project to build a brand-new playground in South Stockton. She led and organized summer literacy programs with the local housing authorities and University of Pacific for k-3rd graders while also running books clubs every summer and leadership camps at local community centers and University.

She was also one of the co-founders and founding members of the Stockton Schools Initiative that began in 2015, where she worked with students and families to fight for educational change through policy. She has helped advocate to bring Ethnic Studies into schools, push for College Career and community readiness in school. She has led the charge for many projects including pushing to dismantle the school to prison pipeline work, advocating for Restorative justice and investments in counselors, and Restorative Justice Coordinators She was successful by co-authoring a restorative justice resolution that passed in Stockton Unified School District in 2019 with a 6-0 vote. Through her work she has been able to cultivate and train hundreds of youths to be change agents in her own city. She continues currently serves on several committees such as the California Endowment President’s youth Council, Former  Secretary of the San Joaquin Democratic party 2016-2019 , SJC Democratic delegate for CA Dems, Boy of men of color alliance member, Stockton Education Equity Coalition, and Visionary home builders Board member, Be Smooth Inc. Board member, Student Success and Leadership Academy board , Stockton Scholars community advisory committee  as well as several other partnerships she is involved with. Jasmine will continue to dedicate her time and heart to uplift, empower and equip the future generation to reach their highest potential. She recently had been awarded in 2018 the Key to City from Mayor Michael Tubbs and was presented with a Mural dedication for her hard work in April 2018 commissioned by Brandon Mike Odums. 

Jasmine is now serving as the Senior Regional Organizer with the Gathering for Justice; she is eager to get started and get on the ground with community and stakeholder across the state. She looks forward to working on a campaign to close youth prisons in CA and committed to ensuring that community, youth, families, community-based organizations have a seat at the table in reimagining alternatives to incarceration for children and youth.

2022 AAAWLC Program Awards

Marissa Duterte (Ronald E. McNair High School) | AAAWLC Scholarship Winner

I graduated from Ronald E. McNair High School with a GPA of 4.3. I plan to attend Cornell University next year and want to pursue Public Policy. In my time as ASB President and my nonprofit work, I’ve been able to see the educational disparities between communities of color and low-income neighborhoods. These issues have become normal and systematic, and I believe changing this starts with government policy. I want to start with policy on paper and reflect solutions to social issues onto my career path.

Mya Peoples (Bear Creek High School) | AAAWLC Scholarship Winner

I graduated with a 4.2 GPA from Bear Creek High School. I plan to attend UC San Diego and major in human biology. Ever since I was younger, I always knew I wanted to go into the medical field. At first, I wanted to be a vet but later changed it to a pediatrician. I’m a really caring person and I enjoy taking care of people, so the medical career field just fits.

Alayssia Townsell | AAAWLC 2019 Continuation Scholarship Winner

My current GPA is a 3.26 and I am attending UCLA majoring in Public Affairs with a minor in Entrepreneurship. The Public Affairs major focuses on Public Policy, Social Welfare, and Urban Planning.  I was inspired to pursue my field of study by engaging in community and social justice work, seeing how low income-underrepresented communities (especially P.O.C) were negatively affected by the corrupt system, and deciding I wanted to do my part to make a difference. I also want to build a safer community for my younger siblings to grow up in and create change through policy work supporting the P.O.C. community and the generations after us. I decided to minor in entrepreneurship to aid me in starting my own businesses and creating generational wealth for my family.

Roslyn Burse Community Activist Award

Pandora Crowder

Pandora is the Second term Resident Council President of Conway Homes. She does backpack drives, turkey drives and now a food pantry that serves over 200 people at least 2 times a week. If residents need anything day or night, she will help them if she can! She was also a big help to Miss Roz in the Conway community.

In case you missed it, watch the event recording below.

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