COVID Equity Project

The COVID-19 virus continues to devastate communities of color. Through the COVID Equity Project, The Amelia Ann Adams Whole Life Center’s goal is to educate communities about COVID-19, provide resources, and prevent the spread of misinformation so we can end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding is provided by Together Toward Health, a program of the Public Health Institute, through funding from a group of philanthropic organizations. The project is supported by Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Programs.

Covid-19 Updates


Getting vaccinated prevents severe illness, hospitalization, and death; it also helps reduce the spread of the virus in communities.
Unvaccinated individuals should get vaccinated and continue masking until they are fully vaccinated.
• With the Delta variant, this is more urgent than ever. The highest spread of cases and severe outcomes is happening in places with low vaccination rates

Data show Delta is different than past versions of the virus: it is much more contagious.
• Some vaccinated people can get Delta in a breakthrough infection and may be contagious.
• Even so, vaccinated individuals represent a very small amount of transmission occurring around the country.
• Virtually all hospitalizations and deaths continue to be among the unvaccinated.

In areas with substantial and high transmission, CDC recommends that everyone (including fully vaccinated individuals) wear a mask in public indoor settings to help prevent spread of Delta and protect others.

CDC recommends that community leaders encourage vaccination and masking to prevent further outbreaks in areas of substantial and high transmission.

CDC recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. Children should return to full-time in-person learning in the fall with layered prevention strategies in place.

Covid-19 Testing & Vaccine Resources

 COVID-19 vaccines are now available to everyone age 12 and up. Let’s end this pandemic. Check for available appointments and book your vaccination as soon as you can.

Need a Covid-19 Test?

Covid-19 Vaccine Information

Community Resources

Covid-19 Funeral Assistance | download the FEMA Advisory (requires PDF reader)

2-1-1 San Joaquin

Health Insurance:

Food Banks:

EDD Unemployment Assistance/Pandemic Unemployment Insurance

California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program

It’s okay to have questions. It’s alright for it to take whatever it takes for you to be ready. Visit for more COVID-19 facts and updates on your eligibility. Let’s get you there. Let’s #GetToImmunity #VaccinateALL58 #CaliforniaforAll

Learn more about Covid-19

Thank you to our funding partners:
Together Toward Health
Public Health Insititue
Kaiser permanente
San Joaquin COunty
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

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