Board of Directors

Henry Phillips – Chair

I joined the AAA WLC board because I believed in the work that Pastor Adams had done in the Stockton community, and I know that it has made a difference in people’s life. The Whole Life Center continues this great work and endeavors to empower people to become their own advocate as well as advocate for others.

Bunje Adams – Treasurer

I am a lucky man, Amelia Ann Adams was my counselor, my friend and my mom.  She always served with a smile and gave hopes to those in need.  The Amelia Ann Adams Whole Life Center allows me to carry on her legacy. 

Christina Peoples – Secretary

I joined the AAAWLC board because of the fruitful work it produces. The vision and mission of the organization align with my core values and purpose in life. I want to use my talents and strengths to support an organization that is rooted in healing and helping others to grow. The organization is named after a woman that has and still continues to impact my life to this day. Her work in social justice, education, and health were meaningful because of her commitment to building strong relationships with those she served.  I want to make sure that I incorporate those same skills and tools within our work and continue the work that she loved the most. 

Shani Richards – Board Member

I serve on the Amelia Ann Adams Whole Life Center to express my love and commitment to the people of this community and to live the legacy of Amelia Ann Adams, my mother and mentor.


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